Clinic Pets

Please check below our clinic pets.

Dixie Image


16 years old House Cat

Dixie likes to be looked at but not pet. Watch out – she will swipe at you, but she has no claws!

Dixie enjoys laying in windows and hiding on shelves.

Charlie Image


7 Years Old House Cat

Charlie came to us as a bottle baby at only a couple days old. Dr. Gerrity hand-raised her until we decided to keep her as a clinic cat. Charlie is a spitfire and loves to play. You will usually see her sprinting across the clinic. 

Pickles Image


11 Years Old Dog

He can be found behind the reception counter on his cozy bed and greeting clients!

Stevie Image


6 Years Old House Cat

Stevie can be found relaxing on our computers or hanging out in the pet store. He loves attention and being pet.

Seamus Image


3 Years Old House Cat

Seamus likes to hide in the back and care for our hospitalized patients. You will rarely see him wander to the front of the house!