Pet Radiology & Ultrasound

At Boulder Creek Veterinary Clinic, we use the most cutting-edge technologies to diagnose and treat your pets.

Pet Radiology & Ultrasound Service Image

Pet Radiology

We provide the most recent digital x-ray technology, enabling a precise and quick diagnosis. We can send the x-ray pictures to your email address or you may pick up the digital file from our office because we provide in-house digital X-rays, so you’ll know the findings in just minutes.

Pet Ultrasound

This painless, non-invasive method is used to identify the type and stage of many life-threatening disorders. The bladder, liver, spleen, and kidneys are just a few examples of soft tissue organs that may be evaluated with ultrasound. During the scan, we may analyze the ultrasound pictures, so the findings are accessible shortly after the ultrasound.