Pet Teeth Cleaning & Dental

We have the tools necessary to do anesthesia dental cleanings and digital dental X-rays to check for unnoticed tooth root problems.

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Pet Teeth Cleaning & Dental

It is time for a professional oral evaluation, treatment, and preventative visit when tough tartar builds up on tooth surfaces and contacts the gumline.

Be mindful of your pet’s nasty breath. The most common reason of bad breath in pets is poor dental hygiene, which can also be a sign of more serious health issues. We are aware of how simple it is to overlook. Many of the issues caused by bad oral hygiene develop below your pet’s gum line, where you can’t see them.

Home care is often the first line of defense. However, the majority of animals, especially cats, will resist or act out whereas certain animals (especially dogs) will tolerate their owners stroking their lips and brushing their teeth. Because of this, dental care may be challenging at best and useless at worst.